Restaurant & Bar

“il Ferro e il Fuoco”

A truly unique dining experience that revolves around a combination of age-old culinary traditions and the warm, intimate atmosphere for which the Italian culture and lifestyle are renowned.

Renaissance menu by Chef Emidio Ferro

Mixed ancient and roman cuisine

Gourmet Experience

Bar Bistrot

The delightful smells of bread and coffee fill the air in the Italian-style internal garden. Enjoy a quintessentially Italian breakfast in the outdoor bistro immersed in fruit trees.


Ancient Garden

Vegan and Celiac dishes

Settled in the heart of the hotel

Discover the menu

Lifestyle Lounge

An exclusive spot next to the Classic rooms. Take a little time to relax and read a guidebook before you venture out into the city, or sip a tasty cocktail as you admire the views of Rome.


Homemade croissants and biscuits

Panoramic view of Rome

Ideal for a coffee break

Experiences during your stay

We have all sorts of wonderful places, foods and cultural attractions for you to discover


Botanic Garden and Villa Farnesina

Take a look at frescoes by Raphael in the magnificent Villa Farnesina. Afterward, visit the Botanic Garden and admire its late 19th-century style.


Wine Not?

Don’t miss out on the chance to taste local wines in the Grotta Romana. Let our sommelier guide you through a superb selection, complemented by appetizers from the chef.